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Welcome to All-Star Kids!

All-Star kids is your premium provider of unforgettable school holiday programs in Geelong. Modelled after the American Summer Camps, we focus on fostering personal growth in children through a blend of fun, safe and educational activities.

We believe that every child deserves a unique experience. That’s why we offer over 15 diverse activities every day, empowering children to create their own unforgettable holiday program. From Music Theatre to Mini Chefs, Tennis, Art, Basketball and Science, every activity is designed to challenge, inspire and excite. What’s more, we group each program by age. This ensures that your child will engage with peers in an environment specifically designed for their level.

But, the experience doesn’t end when the day does. Children will bring our unique songs and dances home, extending the joy into your living room. We’re confident that once your child joins the All-Star Kids family, they’ll be counting down the days until their next school holiday program with us.

We are proud of our commitment to you: your children will look forward to every day with us, and you’ll take comfort in your decision to choose All-Star Kids.

What you’ll need to enrol:

New Families will need to set up an account with OWNA, an approved child care managements system which allows us to manage your booking and any child care subsidies that may apply.

We’ll need the following information from you:

  • Centrelink CRNs for Parent/Guardian and Child(ren)
  • Parent/Guardian contact details and emergency contact details
  • Medical history for your child including diagnosis of allergy, asthma, anaphylaxis, dietary requirements or additional needs. Please have supporting documentation available to upload.
  • Authorised nominees for pick up and drop off
  • Credit card or bank account details for direct debit purposes

Once your enrolment has been processed by us, you’ll be able to make your bookings directly via our OWNA smartphone app. This handy app puts everything you need to manage your child’s All-Star Kids experience at your fingertips!

Our Program & Activities

We believe in nurturing every aspect of a child’s development. That’s why we’ve divided our daily activities into four unique sessions: Active, Brainy, Creative, and Star (the ABC’S of All-Star Kids). Each session offers a range of engaging activities designed to stimulate growth in different areas. Every day, your child will cycle through each session alongside their age group, ensuring a balanced mix of learning, play, creativity, and physical activity. Your child will get to choose the activity they actually want to do. This variety not only keeps each day fresh and exciting but also contributes to a holistic, well-rounded experience that caters to every child’s interests and skills.


These activities are designed to get your child moving and foster a love for physical fitness. They might include sports like tennis, basketball, soccer, AFL or netball. Non-sport activities could involve group games, yoga for kids, or even a fun obstacle course.


In these activities, we’ll introduce children to the world of business in a fun and accessible way. Examples might include the tech lab which includes robotics, coding, building and lego, science experiments, or even running the weekly newsletter.


Tapping into your child’s artistic side. Activities could include painting, drama and improv games, makerspace, pottery, dance/street dance and other DIY crafts. Each activity is designed to allow children to express their creativity and develop new skills.


In our Star sessions, your child will get to focus on a particular activity of their choosing. These longer sessions might include GLEE club, Cooking, Musical Theatre, Movie Making, or specialised sports clinics.

Your Best Choice For The Holidays

We understand the critical role of constructive, engaging, and joyful experiences in a child’s growth. We offer an enriching environment that not only keeps your children active during their holidays, but also contributes to their overall development. Here are four reasons why All-Star Kids should be your first choice for school holiday programs.

1:10 Staff Ratio

We pride ourselves on our industry-leading staff-to-child ratio, ensuring that every child receives the attention, care, and guidance they deserve. Our dedicated staff members are more than supervisors – they’re mentors, friends, and positive role models for your child.

15+ Daily Activities

With over 15 diverse activities to choose from daily, children can curate their own unique schedule based on their interests and passions. Whether they’re exploring new hobbies or honing existing skills, our program fosters a sense of independence and decision-making in a supportive environment.

Engaging Programs

Our program is designed to keep children intellectually engaged and physically active. Our in-house team creates fun, educational, and age-appropriate activities that challenge and inspire. From outdoor adventures to creative workshops, your child will stay engaged and excited every day.

Community Building

At All-Star Kids, every child is part of our family. We strive to foster a sense of community and belonging, where children not only learn and play together but also form lasting friendships. Participating in group activities helps enhance their teamwork, empathy, and communication skills, empowering them beyond the holidays.
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We are proud to be an Approved Provider under the National Quality Framework. We are committed to delivering enriching, safe, and high-quality programs for all children and families. We operate under rigorous regulations to ensure we provide the best in educational and care services. Our promise is simple – children love attending our programs, and parents feel confident in their choice to send their children to All-Star Kids.


All-Star Kids is APPROVED to administer the Child Care Subsidy. This means that parents, if eligible, can receive rebates for attending our programs.

To calculate your expected out-of-pocket costs, check out the Childcare Subsidy Calculator (opens in new tab)

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Program
What kind of curriculum do you follow?
Play is essential to every child's learning and development. It enables children to make decisions, learn, take risks, and have fun. We plan experiences that are in line with The My Time, Our Place (MTOP) framework for school age education and care. We do this through encouraging Active, Creative and Spontaneous play experiences as part of our ABC'S programming.
What are the operating hours?
Regular operating hours are from 7:30am – 6:00pm
What does my child need to bring?
Please pack the following - Morning Tea & Lunch: You will need to pack your own morning tea and lunch daily. All-Star Kids provides your afternoon tea. Your child(ren) will be using a lot of energy throughout the day, so we recommend packing a little more than what you would for a school day. Water Bottle: We recommend you pack a water bottle daily. There is plenty of opportunity to refill these throughout the day. Hat: We recommend you pack a hat, no matter what the time of year or season. Hats are compulsory in the January and April holidays. Clothing: We encourage children to wear comfortable play clothes that do not restrict movement or prevent their involvement in activities. We also recommend closed-toe shoes like sneakers. No thongs will be permitted!
How do I know what activities are on offer?
A termly flyer will be available for each location which will outline the program and activities for the upcoming holidays.
Can my child do the same activity as their friends?
Absolutely! Children will be able to pick the activity they want to do each session, and they can do this with their friends.
Registrations & Bookings
How do I enrol and book?
Enrolments are completed online via our childcare management system, OWNA. Once enrolled, you will have access to the OWNA app which will allow you to make and change bookings and access all other important information about our programs.
When do bookings open?
Bookings will open in week 2 of the current school term, for the upcoming school holidays.
Can I change or cancel my booking?
You can easily manage your bookings via the parent app. Cancellations can be made online at any time. However, we do ask that if it’s within 7-days of attendance, please contact us to discuss your requirements. The All-Star Kids Cancellation Refund Policy is as follows: Cancellations made more than 7 days prior to session start time: Full Refund Cancellations made within 7 days and up to 48-hours before session start time: $50 Administration Fee Cancellations made within 48-hours of session start time: Full Charge If no notice is provided prior and a child is absent, no refund will be made. (Please note a child will be marked as ‘absent’ against daily attendance submissions). If a medical certificate is provided, a full refund will be issued for any cancellation.
Fees & Payments
What do the session fees include?
Our session fees cover all activities, there are no hidden or extra charges for participation in any All-Star Kids activities.
How do I claim the Child Care Subsidy?
When you register, you will input your Centrelink CRN numbers for yourself and your child(ren) you will be asked questions on whether you wish to claim subsidy through this process. When you make a booking, the system will create an enrolment record in your my.Gov portal for you to confirm your enrolment details. Once confirmed, the subsidy will be applied to your account. Attendances will be submitted to Centrelink every Friday. As All-Star Kids charges in advance, the subsidy reduction amounts you receive on your statement is an estimate only. Once attendances are assessed by Centrelink, there may be a difference in price if Centrelink recalculates your entitlements. In this case, you will be required to pay the difference.
How does All-Star Kids take payment?
We use a direct debit system which can be linked to your credit/debit card or bank account and all set up through your parent account or on the app. Payments are processed on the THURSDAY after you attend.

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Our Locations


Torquay P-6 College
45-55 Grossmans Rd, Torquay

Prep - Year 6


Christian College (Highton Campus)
18 Burkedin Rd, Highton

Prep - Year 6